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Welcome to the Seed Revolution!

Home of New Zealand's Munchy Seeds......

Our healthy snacks have been leading the charge out of Marlborough since 1996 in New Zealand and since 1998 in Suffolk, UK – all within the family.

Like the artisans of old we continue the commitment of carefully blending and gently dry roasting our seeds to produce a deliciously healthy, nutritious and versatile nibble.

You could say it is a “snack with benefits”... and as with all good revolutions throughout the ages, it’s about commitment to the cause. So happy munching and ‘cheer’ ‘cheer’ to a healthy future!!!

Come and try one or all of our four delicious flavours. Guarenteed to bring your salads to life, add a delicious crunch to your stirfrys and steam vegetables or just nibble on them as a delicious healthy snack. They make a yummy garnish for just about anything.  With a little imagination not only do they look fantastic but taste fantastic too.  Enjoy!! and let us know any yummy recipes to add to our 'quick tips'


Quick Tips

  • Munchy Muesli - Pep up the standard muesli and unsweetened yoghurt with a garnish of our Original or Pumpkin Mix, that crunch will get you up and away!
  • Try sprinkling Munchy Seeds over houmous. The chilli mix gives an extra delicious crunch!